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Setting Describe the setting. What details does Updike use to convey the tone of the setting? How important is the setting to the narrative as a whole?.

In May-Lee Chai’s “Saving Sourdi,” Nea would be the antagonist of the story if the literary development of point of view and characterization were different.

Point of view and characterization in literature is what allows us to see, hear, and feel a story the way it is designed. This quotation is an accurate template describing the basis for the rich tapestry of emotion conveyed by the characters we meet in Mai-lee Chai's short story, Saving Sourdi.

This engaging tale of life's expectations and disappointments is told from the view of the protagonist Nea, a young Cambodian refugee now living in America.

In “Saving Sourdi”, Sourdi is a victim of her sister’s Psychosocial Development that raises conflicts in the story. For instance age difference explains why Nea, younger sister, is not comfortable with Sourdi getting into a relationship and worse off being married.

Nea is a very protective sister over Sourdi, even though Sourdi is older than Nea. Nea is portrayed as fearless. In the beginning of the story, the setting is set in the restraint where Nea and her family work.

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