Legal memo for jane s asylum

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Memorandum of Law

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In conclusion, Jane’s uncle, Billy, cannot file for a petition for asylum on Jane’s behalf. Jane can seek and file a petition for asylum in the United States on her own.

Since Jane is 14 years old, she has the mental capacity to file for asylum because the courts view mental capacity for petition of children asylum seekers be at the minimum. Since Jane is a minor, her uncle, Billy, wants to file an asylum petition on Jane’s behalf claiming that Jane is afraid to return to Canada because John has physically abused her and that she will be used as a propaganda tool for the separatist movement.

Apr 14,  · Billy Doe cannot file for asylum because he is not Jane’s legal guardian. Jane’s father is the proper person to file an asylum claim on her behalf. Jane has been in the United States well over the one year time frame allowed in applying for asylum.

(Jane’s Asylum Case): Draft of Legal Memorandum of Law Continue drafting your Legal Memorandum of Law. Proofread your draft. Review your citations to be sure that you are following Bluebook standards and following the IRAC method.

The paper “Legal Memorandum – Jane’s Asylum” presents a proposal that analyzes the various factors associated with granting asylum to Jane. It is the objective of the author to examine the various issues that relate to Jane’s endeavor to seek asylum in the US.

Crystal Goris PA Professor Bryson Unit 7 Assignment – Draft a Legal Memo Memorandum of Law To: Attorney From: Paralegal Date: September 14th Re: Jane’s Asylum Case Facts: Jane, a.

Legal memo for jane s asylum
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