Cable stayed bridges

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How Does a Cable-stayed Bridge System Work?

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Cable-stayed bridge

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List of longest cable-stayed bridge spans

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Cable-stayed bridges are often touted as being successors of the suspension bridge design system, and considering the fact that suspension bridges are still relevant in modern times, one might come to think that cable-stayed bridges are a more recent technological development.

58 rows · This list ranks the world's cable-stayed bridges by the length of main span, i.e. the distance. At first glance, the cable-stayed bridge may look like just a variant of the suspension bridge, but don't let their similar towers and hanging roadways fool you.

Cable-stayed bridges differ from their suspension predecessors in that they don't require anchorages, nor do they need two towers. Temporarily out of stock.

Cable-stayed bridges

Order now and we'll deliver when available. Vibration and Mode Shapes Analysis of Cable Stayed Bridges Considering Different Structural Parameters.

Directory and listing of cable-stayed bridges from around the world including images, technical data, literature and other project information. A cable stayed bridge has only one set of cables. This results in a bridge that is relatively lightweight in construction, is far less costly than a metal cantilever brides, and uses far less cable than a suspension bridge.

How Bridges Work Cable stayed bridges
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Cable-stayed Bridge - Types, Advantages and Disadvantages